Easislip™ Premium

Achieve outstanding results with EASISLIP™ PREMIUM


Marine grade extruded clear PVC for both blind & boat applications

Marine grade extruded PVC clear & Tints create outstanding results. Whether you need to create the perfect outdoor living space or require optical clarity on your boat EASISLIP™ PREMIUM PVC from Okamoto provide all the solutions. Highest quality Japanese extruded PVC clears are the world leaders in clarity, consistency and durability.


  • UV-R blockout from 92-98%
  • UPF all over 50%
  • PREMIUM extruded
  • High shade factors on all tints & clears
  • Minimal shrinkage with cold crack additives
  • Marine grade for outstanding optical clarity
  • Multiple thicknesses & widths available from 120cm - 200cm wide
  • Specifications and cleaning datasheets available

Colour Swatches

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    • Black
    • Smoke Bronze
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