Tarpee M 60 Micron

Tarpee™ M 60 270gsm is a 60 micron coated woven PE using Metallocene on a single stacked scrim.
Heavier coating offers increased abrasion resistance, weldability, improved stability due to heavier mass.

Grain storage bunker covers
Dam and pond liners
Agricultural, haystack and static covers
Dome, airplane, animal shelters and covers
Poultry external and internal curtains
Waterproof membranes and water storage liners
Greenhouse walling
Cricket pitch and general sporting covers
Builders/floor sheets, second story extension floor sheets and hire tarps


100% Wind block

100% Waterproof
UV Resistant
No Harmful Substances
100% Recyclable


Decitex (denier) 1400 (1300D)
Yarn (/sq. cm2) 14 x 14
Weave Style Single Folded Yarn
Lamination Thickness(μ) 60
Total Thickness(mm) 0.48
Total Weight (g/m2) 270
Tensile Strength (N/5cm) 1677 Warp / 1749 Weft
Tear Strength (N) 160 Warp / 211 Weft
Metallocene Yes
R Values 0.669
Warranty 6 Year UV

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